Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q. How much does delivery cost for Australian orders?

    A. It will cost $9.95 (inc. GST) to post your Australis goodies if your order is less than $50. Orders over $50 do not incur a delivery fee.

  • Q. How much does delivery cost for New Zealand orders?

    A. It will cost $20 to post your Australis goodies if your order is less than $100. Orders over $100 do not incur a delivery fee.

  • Q. How much does delivery cost for International orders?

    A. Shipping is FREE on orders of $100 or more and a shipping fee of $30 will be charged if your order is below $100. Delivery time can be from 3 – 10 business days. Australis cannot guarantee delivery time.

  • Q. Where do you deliver?

    A. At this time we are able to ship worldwide except to the following countries. Please contact us if you are interested in shipping to any of the countries listed below.

    • Albania
    • Algeria
    • Astonia
    • Andorra
    • Azerbaijan
    • Brazil
    • Burundi
    • Chile
    • Dominican Republic
    • Georgia
    • Iceland
    • Israel
    • Kenya
    • Kazakhstan
    • Kuwait
    • Mauritius
    • Mexico
    • Morrocca
    • Nicaragua
    • Nigera
    • Nigeria
    • Peru
    • Puerto Rico
    • Slovakia
    • Singapore
    • Tunisia

    We are not able to ship Nail Polish or Nail Polish Remover internationally

  • Q. Will I have to pay Import Duties & Taxes on my order?

    A. Import Duties & Taxes are calculated based on the type of product, country of origin and destination.

    Australis does not profit from the fees collected and depending on your country you may be liable to pay these fees before your goods are delivered.

    We suggest you read more about it at this website.

  • Q. How accurate is your currency converter?

    Payments processed in foreign currency (currency other than Australian Dollars), may incur a currency conversion fee. Please refer to your financial institution for applicable fees.

  • Q. How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

    A. You can expect a knock on your door within 1 to 2 weeks depending on your delivery location within Australia. International deliveries can take a bit longer, so expect your order within 2-4 weeks depending on your country of residence.
    We know you want your goodies, so 99% of orders are sent out by the next business day. We cannot guarantee delivery timeframes and these have been provided as a guide only.

Product Info

  • Q. Which of your products are vegan friendly?

    A. Please refer to this list of products to see which products are vegan friendly.

  • Q. Where can I find ingredients lists for all Australis products?

    A. We know it’s important to know what our wonderful Australis products are made of. You can find a list of all ingredients printed on the back of the packaging, where size permits. Alternatively, you can view the ingredients lists on our stands at our retailers or under the product you’re looking at online. Just click VIEW INGREDIENTS and voila! If you require specific information about the product, please contact Australis via our GET IN TOUCH tab.

  • Q. What does Australis do with discontinued stock?

    A. We are committed to constantly supplying Australian beauty savvy girls with new products and trends, so we regularly update and refine our range. However, to give you girls newness this means we occasionally discontinue products to make room for the new and shiny fun stuff!

    Please speak with a consultant at your nearest pharmacy or department store to find out which products have been discontinued. They will be able to guide you to a suitable alternative product within the Australis range.

Tanning FAQs

  • Q. What is the difference between chocolate and purple base?

    A. Rapid Tan has been developed for all girls who want to have sun!

    • Rapid Tan Chocolate base is suited for all skin tones
    • Rapid Tan Purple base is suited to people with medium or darker skin tones

  • Q. How long does Rapid Tan take to develop?

    • Rinse after 1 hours for a light tan
    • Rinse after 2 hours for a medium tan
    • Rinse after 3 hours + for a darker tan

    Afer washing Rapid Tan will continue to develop over the course of 8 hours. No more sleeping in sticky tan! Simply wash off before bed and wake up with a beautiful natural tan!

  • Q. Can I use Australis tan on my face?

    A. Yes, Rapid Tan can be used sparingly on your face, knees and elbows. For the face, Australis has created a gradual tan designed specfically for use on the face. This allows you to gradually build a naturally looking tan over several days.

  • Q. Do I have to use the Australis Tan Glove?

    A. You do not have to use the Australis tanning glove, however for best results we recommend to use one. The Australis Tan glove helps you apply your tan on your body and specfically designed face glove helps you reach those hard to reach places on your face! Perfect!

  • Q. Who should use the Chocolate based tan?

    • Anyone wanting a natural olive bronze tan
    • Perfect for all skin types
    • Leave skin finishing a natural olive brown with its mix of bronzers
  • Q. Who should use the purple based tan?

    • Anyone wanting a deep, rich European inspired tan
    • Great for skin that is already tanned, naturally olive or has yellow undertones in their pigment
    • Adds red/voilet highlights to the skin to counteract warmer tones to give a riche brown finish
  • Q. What is DHA?

    A. DHA stands for dihydroxyacetone - it is the active ingredient in Rapid Tan

  • Q. Do you test on Animals?

    A. Australis doesn't test on animals and is 100% cruelty free. We are accredited on the "Choose Cruelty Free List"

  • Q. Is Australis Tan vegan friendly?

    A. YES

Sampling FAQs

  • Q. Do you provide samples for charity events?

    A. Need a hand giving back? Visit this link to our GIVING BACK tabc for all donations requests.

  • Q. Do you provide samples to bloggers?

    A. Do you love to blog and vlog and other such ogging activities? Visit this link to our BLOG CITY tab for all blogging requests.

Online Order FAQs

  • Q. Will I get an email confirmation once my order is placed?

    A. Yes. Once you’ve placed your order online, we will let you know we have received it via automated email. This includes a list of the fabulous items you have ordered. Don’t worry - your credit card details are not sent in any emails from us. We also recommend that you never send your credit card details via email.

  • Q. Why do I need to sign up for an account in order to place an order?

    A. Signing up for an account with Australis (don’t worry, we are very nice!) allows you to keep track of your domestic orders, as well as the ability to view your previous orders placed with Australis. It also allows Australis to quickly search and reply to any queries you may have about your order.

  • Q. How secure is my credit card information?

    A. Your credit card payment will be conducted directly via the Payment Express Payment Facility over a Secure Socket Layer (128 bit SSL) connection. Australis does not store credit card information, nor have access to your credit card details. Please take note - any payments made to this website will appear on your credit card statement as Heritage Brands.

Stock Returns FAQs

Stocking AC FAQs

  • Q. I am a retailer, how can I find out more information about stocking Australis?

    A. Please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department on 1300 650 981 (Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm AEST, Friday 9am to 1pm AEST) to find out more from the sales representative in your area. We are more than happy to answer any of your queries and discuss the opportunity with you.

Social Media FAQs